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            Kay's Art of  Millinery About this site and the designer 



Hello and welcome to Kay's Art of Millinery website and and designer page. This website  is one of four I am attempting to connect together. The products are from Hats of Distinction, Buckram Hat Frames and FOSSHAPE (R) Hat Frames .


Currently I do not have a brick and mortar location, however  there was a time years ago  when I was the proud owner of two stores.  Currently my  products are primarily sold on this website and at conferences and conventions.


Those who have been following me a while know I have been making hats many years. Some know me because you purchased buckram and FOSSHAPE® hat frames used to create your own unique hats. Others know me because of my past millinery classes and workshops. What I am saying is I have been around a while and have met many people interested in millinery; the art of hat making.

Over the years people often asked how I became interested in the Art of Millinery. The answer is Princess Diana inspired me and my first hats consists of a bridal line. During those years I used store bought hat frames. Since then I perfected my art and now create all the hat frames used for my designs, as well as those sold through the websites.

I consider all my hats millinery art; because like any art piece each hat starts as a blank canvas.

In this case that canvas starts as a piece of buckram, hat body or other material. Those materials are hand blocked using one, two, and sometimes three wooden hat blocks. They are hand and machine sewn and all embellishments are sewn... not glued on.

During my early years I worked in the studio of the then very popular California designer Bob Mackie and later spoke at events about the art of millinery. I worked with the Lupus Society and created a line of hats for their rendition of My Fair Lady fashion show. I was the designer for a line of makeup for Isabel Sanford from the popular TV comedy The Jeffersons an American sitcom. I been honored numerous times and worked with many other designers and organizations throughout the years.


I started the first Compton California African American Chapter of the Red Hat Society as well as hat making classes. I was also honored to be a friend to and worked with Marilyn Bradford creator of the  Forty Plus Modeling Troupe (She passed a few weeks ago). RIP Marilyn.    

Since moving south I was chosen by Jet magazine as designer of the month. I am also a member of the Red Hat Society and for several years presented mini hat making workshops at their conventions, and other venues throughout the United States.


I stand behind my products, look forward to earning your business and if you have other questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me kaydurdenusa@im.com or telephone 318-792-5757.  Thank you for visiting the site and have a great day. 


Kay Durden