Hello everyone today is October 13, 2022,  Those visiting the site and looking for hat frames, new buckram hat frames shapes were added about 6 months ago, and the intention was to continue offering both buckram and Fosshape frames. Since then many milliners including myself realized the buckram material we used for many years has not been as readily available, or as cost effective.


If you find a buckram hat frame you would like made up in Fosshape(R) please contact me for the prices because I recently decided to convert some items in my buckram hat frames collection to Fosshape(R). Very soon those visiting the buckram collection will see a number of changes. Also those unfamiliar with Fosshape should know it is like buckram and can be covered with almost any type of pliable fabric. Many are covering it with fabric, feathers, beads, jewels and more.  Some like the fact Fosshape(R) is a registered trademark product that comes in black and white and can be painted or colored without worry. One of the most powerful things about this product is once its blocked it maintains the shape(unless it is crushed intentionally) LOL 


Also I want to remind you all that every hat frame on my site is individually hand-blocked. None are machine made and most are unique because they were created using wooden and other hat blocks from my personal collection. With these facts in mind I encourage you to choose different crowns and/or brims from either my buckram or Fosshape selections to create your truly unique millinery designs.

Those new to the site keep in mind the visible hats shown indicate other similar hats in that collection. Clicking the links below the hat graphics will take you to more similar items, along with descriptions and payment options.


All hat frames on this site will be shipped US Mail within 2 business days of the order and payment receipt. If for any reason they cannot be shipped within that time period you will be notified and have the option of waiting or having your money refunded.  These hat frames are perfect for those learning the covering part of the art of millinery.

All my best and I look forward to serving you in the near future. Have a great day and take care of yourselves.

Kay Durden