Buckram is a woven cotton fiber that has been stiffened. It can be molded into various shapes and is used in costumes and numerous other products. In this case, we use wooden hat blocks, buckram, and other millinery supplies to create hat shapes.

Buckram can be covered with almost any type of pliable fabric including feathers and other materials. This makes it easy to cover, coordinate, and match wearing apparel. ​All hat frames on my sites are individually hand-blocked and you may choose various crowns and brims to create truly unique fashions.
A number of crowns and brims are shown on the combined pages, but you also have the option of ordering individual crowns and brims that may be combined and sewn together as a combo at the combo price. ​You also have the option of ordering a buckram hat frame or frames in FOSSHAPE (R) material but must request the change by email to kaydurdenusa@aim.com, or phone  1318 792-5757. An invoice will be sent to you with the changes and new prices. 

All hat frames will be shipped parcel post within two business days of the order and payment receipt. If for any reason they cannot be shipped within that time period you will be notified and have the option of waiting or having your money refunded.  These are perfect hat frames for those learning the covering part of the art of millinery.
I look forward to serving you and have a great day.
Kay Durden