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Hello everyone today is June 12, 2023. Many changes are STILL happening on the buckram hat frames pages. Some frame styles will  be offered in buckram and Fossshape, while others will only be offered in Fosshape,  When placing buckram orders make sure those items are available in that material before completing your order. If unsure call 318 792-5757 or email

Fosshape is a material many may not be familiar with, so just know its like buckram and it can be covered with fabric, feathers, beads, jewels and more.  It comes in black and white and can also be painted or colored without worry. Once this product is blocked it maintains its shape and is used to create many other products. To  see those products  go Also I want to remind you that every hat frame style on this site is individually hand-blocked, none are machine made, and were created using wooden and other hat blocks from my hat block  collection. Keep in mind other hats are behind the one you see and clicking the links below the graphics will take you to more items, descriptions and payment options. The links to buckram frames is below my name. If you have comments or questions email me. 

All hat frames on this site will be shipped US Mail within 3 business days of the order and payment receipt. If for any reason they cannot be shipped within that period you will be notified and have the option of waiting or having your money refunded. All my best and I look forward to serving you in the near future. Have a great day and take care of yourselves.

Kay Durden

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