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Hats Of Distinction...

Welcome you are on the Hats of Distinction Introduction and link Page. This website is one of three generated through Kay’s Art of Millinery a business that started in the late 1980s. The original website for Kay’s Art of Millinery came about in the year 2000. From that website came Buckram Hat Frames, Hats of Distinction, and FOSSHAPE® Hat Frames a few years ago.  


For those who don't already know me, creating hats and accessories has been my passion for more than twenty years. Various lines of hats came as I found myself using different fabrics to create year-round hats. Those year-round hats turned out being covered hats which I consider my specialty.


I offer a line of fall/winter covered hats which includes velours, brocades and  wool fabrics. Recently some vegan hats were added because customers were requesting them.  All these hand blocked wool felts and velours are part of my dresssy hat Collection which also includes vegan hats.  The warm weather hats are made of lame, sheers, and other light-weight fabrics including straws and Sinamays and are available year-round on my site.  

Regardless of what material I use to design my millinery art; they are all labors of love because I get great pleasure from creating every piece. A few years ago I taught millinery classes but the main focus of Kay's Art of Millinery has always been designing and selling.   


All my designs are created from scratch allowing me to create hand blocked hat frames in various sizes and shapes. The felts, straw and Sinamay along with the buckram and FOSSHAPE(R)frames are created using my personal collection of hat blocks. 


My hats and hat frames go far beyond the few shapes almost everyone offers. The fabrics and other materials were obtained during my travels meaning you will not likely see your hat duplicated. Occasionally I see something I love and purchase it all, which means you will sometime see that fabric or material used in different designs.   

At Kay's Hats of Distinction, you will be given the attention and personal service you have come to expect whether you are buying ready-made hats....or having one custom made. My hope is you appreciate the millinery art shown here and see something you want to add to your wardrobe. Have a great day and I look forward to your business.


Kay Durden

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