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Hello everyone today is May 15, 2023 .  I have received many questions about the FOSSHAPE hat frames and will answer a few here. As indicated earlier both the buckram and FOSSHAPE hat frames on these sites are unique because they are all created by shaping material to the form of individual hat blocks. Most other buckram hat frames are created using machines and you will see many of the same. Fact most of the shapes on this website will not be found anywhere else online or in stores. Most hat frames on this site fit medium to large 22.5-23 inches head circumference. Smaller or larger head sizes will be noted. FYI hat frames are sized small, medium and large because sizing them individually is considered customizing. This service is offered in stores where many of the same items are offered in different sizes or when higher prices are paid for that special service. Some of you have asked about wire in the hats. All the fitted hat frames are wired, some of the specialty frames are not wired, so if you have questions get back to me. Another question is can the frames be colored, the answer is yes they can be colored, painted and/or also be covered with fabric, beads, feathers and more.  

The FOSSHAP material used for the hat frames  is a registered trademark product created by Brian Jeffrey of I am proud to be first to create this line of hand-blocked FOSSHAPE (R)hat frames. To see more hat frames in that collection click the tab below each image. All hat frames  are made to order and created upon receipt of your order and payment. Most ( smaller) orders are shipped within two business days United States Postal Service. If for any reason your order cannot be shipped within that time period you will be notified and have the option of waiting or having your money refunded. 


I will work continually​ to earn your business. Also please know FOSSHAPE is still a fairly new product for me. There some things I am still learning about wiring, using, and perfecting the designs, so If you have questions or comments please get back to me directly. Keeping you happy, earning and keeping  your business and respect is important, so please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or comments.  In the meantime I will keep creating my art of millinery and sharing it with you as you  add your touch to create your own unique designs.


Kay Durden

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fosshape (32).JPG
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