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Hello everyone today is December 15, 2022. Happy Holidays and may the coming days be filled with happy times with family and friends.  The new hat frames are here and are unique. They can be customized and will not be found anywhere else online or in stores. Buckram hat frames can not compare, are mass produced and are carried by almost every hat frame website.

The new FOSSHAPE frames are unique, each is hand blocked and have unique shapes. They can be colored, painted, covered with fabric, beads and the like. 


The best part about my hand made hat frames is they are individually hand blocked and you can create your own style, Also for those new to Fosshape material, it is a fairly new material that is used for numerous products including costumes, props, and more. This material is a registered trademark product created by Brian Jeffrey of It consists of a soft fabric that looks like felt before being activated by heat and it comes in white and black. I am proud to be first to create this line of hand-blocked FOSSHAPE (R)hat frames. To see more hat frames in that collection, click the tab below each image.




Fosshape material is what some are calling the new buckram alternative and every hat frame in these Fosshape and buckram collection are hand blocked and machine and hand sewn by me.  Every hat frame that has been covered with fabric was hand blocked, and covered with fabric in my home workshop/studio. Needless to say I am a proud milliner.   

Fosshape material comes in black and white, and can be colored using cold dyes, warm water dyes, and pastels, acrylics and latex paints.  Starting January 2023 higher prices for black Fosshape will be in effect because the fee is more for that color. 

All hat frames  are made to order and are created upon receipt of your order and payment. Most orders are shipped within two business days through United States Postal Service.  If for any reason your order cannot be shipped within that time period you will be notified and have the option of waiting or having your money refunded. I look forward to your future business, know you have other choices and will work continually​ to earn your business. This is a new product and somethings I am still learning about this material, so if you have questions or comments do not  hesitate to contact me.    


Kay Durden

fosshape frames (1).JPG
fosshape (32).JPG
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