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Hello everyone and welcome to Kay's Art of Millinery, Hats of Distinction and Buckram and FOSSHAPE(R) hat frames. Today is October 2, 2021 and many new items are being added. In order to make room for them starting today many of the other remaining items are being offered at the following prices; One hat for $99.oo, two for $150 and 3 hats for $200.00. Excluded collections include (1) New Hat Collection and (2) Bridal hats, & (3)Brocades and Lace hats with hankies. All these hats are great Christmas or anytime gifts for yourself and others. I look forward to putting one, two, three or more in the mail to you really soon. In the meantime take care of yourselves and each other and thank you for your support.  


Kay Durden​

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