Hello everyone today is Monday January 4, 2021. Welcome to Kay's Art of Millinery, Hats of Distinction and Buckram and FOSSHAPE(R) hat frames websites. There are still many great finds on hats and specialty pieces that have been added back into the site. The prices posted are available through January 31, 2021. Those planning  weddings will find beautiful new additions to my Bridal Collection. As always hat frames are always available to other millinery designers, DIYers, and anyone  interested in creating their own hat designs. While designing keep in mind a hat frame is only the canvas. You the artist create new masterpieces by using materials that turn designs into your own.  


Also as a rule most items ship between 24-and 48 hours, however at this time less postal trips are being scheduled due to COVID 19. In any case I will continue working on your orders as they come in  and have them ready to ship ASAP.  Once again thank you for your support this past year and I look forward to working with you once again in 2021.  


Kay Durden​


Kay's Art of Millinery


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